Well...in keeping with the "having fun with the web" theme, we have found some very amusing links for you. Some are difficult to tell if they are serious or leaning toward looney, but most of them are seriously "off their rockers"! We nearly split our sides reading some of this stuff! After visiting the links, go back and read some of the other stuff on these pages...it's incredible. We have rated them for a reason. Taking note that there are some people that are a few sandwiches short of a picnic, and that they are most likely to be the authors of these pages, we have rated them with the amount of brain cells they may or may not have. Those of you with an above room-temperature IQ will probably get a few chuckles. Remember... these people are serious.....I think. Have fun!!!

Do you believe John Lennon was St John the Divine, and that the Beatles told of the fall of Babylon in their music? Do you believe Satan is linked with the monuments on Mars? Is Elvis alive? Is Scientology a GOOD thing? If you believe in ANY of these, you are in the "thimble-full-o-brains" category....and here are your links.

   Web O'Conspiracy   Find Satan's hangout on Mars.

   Dead Elvis Sightings   Have you seen Elvis lately? Ok, but was he dead?

   Scientology Info   Reincarnated thetan fleas from a volcano ??? Yeah...whatever.

Do you enjoy all the hoopla about these militia guys and maybe want to see some of their views? (you might change your mind after reading this crap) Do you believe there is a UFO cover-up? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the "cup-full-o-brains" category....and here are your links.

   Hitler Lives!  Well I'll be!

   New Jersey Association of Real Vampires  Oooooooh! REAL vampires! (and they believe it)

   Saucer Smear   Shockingly close to the truth ... but not close enough !

If you can get dressed by yourself everyday, find your place of employment, and are considered fairly normal (whatever that is) you can just go back and read the above links and have a good laugh. You deserve it! Just don't eat anything with crumbs while you read...you could choke...this is funny stuff!

Here's a few more links to play with. We will add more as we find them, so keep checking !

   Bohemian Grove  See where Bush and son play and what they get up to. Fascinating stuff and very true!

   Weird but True   The title says it all.

   80 Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time   They started with 40.

   Rotten Dot Com   NOT for the faint at heart!

   Ghost Watchers  An admitted fake. She left. What a liar.

   Fortean Times   The Journal of Strange Phenomena.

   Disinfo.com   Very interesting stuff, but I am easily amused.

There used to be a lot more links. I had to remove a lot of them because they no longer existed. I will do some looking around to see if I can find anything that is weird and interesting. Keep checking back.

Special link from the "I can't believe it!" section.
I have always been fascinated with religious fanatics, probably because many relatives on my mother's side are. They aren't as bad as what you are about to read, but I had an aunt who was 100% convinced that the end of the world was to be January 1st, 2000, and it's all because of computers. Sheesh. Anyway, I hope you find this as interesting as I did. I saw a program on tv about this a couple times and wasn't surprised that many of these people were inbred. (gimme six!) After knowing that, the following should not surprise you. Check out the links too. I don't like to link to these sites because it means hits for their page. Anyway.... enjoy!

  Snake Handlers Oh bite me!

Here's some stuff I like.....

Sadly, Coast to Coast has turned into garbage since George Noory is the main host. If you are a bible thumping Catholic like he is you will love it. I only listen to Ian Punnett on Saturdays.

Sightings with Jeff Rense

Ooooooooooh! Look what someone gave me! (they didn't leave a name)