It's hard to leave a whole country forever. No, I will not go back. Been there, done that. (there was no t-shirt) In the years I lived in Portland Oregon, I made a lot of friends. Although I will never see many of these people again in my life, they have, for one reason or other, made an impression on me and have carved a place both in my memory and heart. I would like to share them with you.

Here are some of the people I really miss, in no particular order.
There are others, but I don't have their pictures.

Zanny my best friendPeter Yeats (seated) and the boysSarbjeetMichael, my other best friend 

Michael BeglanJaneGreg the SaintMy Nieces 

Jon the boogie manPaula, my crazy friend.  

Here's who they are...

First we have Zanny. She is my best friend in all the world. I am so glad she is still a part of my life, even though we are so far away from each other. She is my bestest Festus and I miss her very much.

Peter Yeats, Irishman, singer, funny/wonderful friend. The others are Robbie (a bagpiper)... Skip, the best fiddle player on the planet...Michael Beglan (see below) from Ireland who owned Portland's best Irish pub...and Mickey from England. We were in a band together. What a weasle.

Sarbjeet Singh, a friend from a long time ago who was a very good musician and chiropractor.

Michael, long time friend and cowboy...Michael and I practically grew up together. We will always be the best of friends. I really miss him.

Michael Beglan of East Avenue Tavern fame, born in Ireland and came to the states to torment us. Best known for shouting out "RUBBISH" for no apparent reason.

Jane. She and I kept running into each other all our grown up lives. She is a wonderful person and recently married another wonderful person. I miss her a lot.

Greg "the Saint" Germaine. Quite possibly one of the most peculiar people I have known, but a fascinating one. We have been friends for a long time. If you ever see him on the street, ask to see what's under the bandage on his left arm. ;)

My nieces, Kelli and Kari. I miss them sooooooo much! They are sweet and very kind young women. Girls, if you see this, I love you both very much!

This is my friend Jon. We went to the same highschool but didn't meet there. We still keep in touch. He's a funny guy.

I met Paula when I was a hairdresser. She still is. She kept me sane during the time we worked together. She was a good friend and I miss her. She is the only smoking and drinking vegetarian I know. ;)

This is Jim. (dressed as a pirate) I've never met him but he feels like someone I have known forever. I hope to have him as a friend always.

This is my best friend from high school, Jonni. After looking many times for her on Facebook, one day she just appeared.Perfect timing too. We were born in the same hospital exaclty one week apart. Who knew those two little babies would end up being the best of friends?

Here is a list of friends I have made in the UK...