I was always fascinated at the insanity behind the Crusades. People were out killing other people in the name of Christianity. They ate their victims when there was no food. Interesting religion. Anyway, mixed up in all this were the Knight's Templars. It's only fairly recently been brought to our attention that these guys were into much more than was thought before. Some even believe there was a secret society behind these fellows and there are links to Mary Magdalen, the Priory of Sion, the Freemasons, Rosslyn Chapel and the Holy Grail; they are but some of the players in a mystery. There is a book that was written which does a very good job explaining all this and how they all link together. It's very deep and very interesting. The book is called Holy Blood, Holy Grail".

So, imagine my surprise when I found out there was a Knight's Templar buried in the cemetery next to our house. Don't believe me? Well, for obvious reasons I won't tell you where I live because this is the internet after all. I will tell you that I am in the south of England. The ruins of the old church date to 1214. Hundreds of years ago, when they were making some changes to the site, someone unearthed the grave of a Knight's Templar. His tomb was already very old. They moved him to a different site on the hill where he remains now, surrounded by five yew trees. This is not a surprise if you know anything about the Knights Templars.

I had some information about this Knight but I have misplaced it. When I get another copy I will add more details.

Here is a picture of the old ruins (1214) where the Templar was found. You can see the top of our house in the background. There isn't much left of this old church due to bombing during the war. I'm surprised this much is left due to lack of respect from the people in this town. The path, by the way, is made of old headstones that were taken from the ground and disrespectfully placed under the feet of people who walk here.

Here is a few pictures of the cemetery so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

This shows the old ruins on the left with most of what remains of the newer part. This was taken from the other side where all the headstones were removed for some odd reason.

Here you can see the tower on the newer ruins through the window of the old ruins. The original bottom of the door to the old ruins is under the ground.

This is the first thing I see when I go up the hill. This is a huge beech tree. The cemetery is even better in the fog.

Pictures of the Knight are difficult because he is in the middle of a bunch of trees. There is another tree there with gnarled limbs and branches and when it is full of leaves it sweeps the ground and covers like an umbrella. Unfortunately, the people around here don't know anything about this grave and how old it is, so they don't care how they destroy it. There is a corner broken off and always surrounded with garbage. People write on it and even use spray paint. That in itself tells you about the sort of people who live in this town.

Here is about the best shot I could get of our Templar. His feet are missing and his head is mostly gone, probably broken off and now worn down over the centuries. It looks like the birds got him too.

This one is a little brighter. Here you can see three of the yew trees and the gnarly tree. To the left is the newer part of the ruins, the old part on the right. From this side you can see his shield.

Lastly, here is one with the tree full of leaves. It makes a nice canopy but unfortunately is a nice shelter for people doing all sorts of things throughout the night.

The sad part is that this incredibly old cemetery is now nothing more than a shortcut to the train station and the town center or a place for people to walk their dogs. The history here is amazing, yet the town does nothing to make sure it is protected. It makes me sick to see what goes on up here but no one seems to care but a very few people who live close by.

As I started to mention, so much has been learned about the Knights Templars lately and it's fascinating stuff. It all seems to revolve around Mary Magdalen, the truth about Jesus and his bloodline, his family and his children, (yes, I said his children) a place in France called Rennes le Chateau, and all sorts of secret stuff. Below are some interesting links to understand what the heck I'm talkng about. Enjoy!

Templar Connections


The Secret of Rennes-le-Chateau and Freemasonry

I will add more information as I find it, so check back from time to time.