My Ghost Stories

I have always been fascinated by things about ghosts. I'm not sure when this started or how but it's there. Now that I have a computer I have access to more ghost stuff than I could have ever imagined. This is great! But how much of it is real? That's the problem.

Below are links to ghostly or spooky things that have happened to me in the US and now over here in the UK. I will add them all as I finish them. Feel free to come back any time and read them.

Ghost Boy This is where it all really started, in a great apartment I had. It was the last place I lived in the US.

Chapel Hill The house we do not speak of. Great house, bad neighbors. (that's it on the top of the page)

Station Road This is where we ran screaming to. It was good for a while.

More stories and pictures on the way. Keep checking!