Stuck in the UK and need some American stuff? Go here! They even have egg nog!!!

My Sims page! I updated to Sims2!

Ghosts of Oregon and Washington I have a story in his second book.   :)  

A Knight to Remember The Knights Templar buried by our house.

QZanny My best friend in America.

The REAL Meaning of Christmas  VERY interesting!

True Ghost Stories  I have a story in here under "W" ... it's called "Whistling Boy".

Native American Tribes  Much information.

Strangeness Lots of strange stuff.

Weird Stuff   Lots of weird stuff ... it never ends !

The Miami Circle Remains of a neolithic circle in Florida.

Blackout's Box Hysterical prank phonecalls.

Whitley's World Whitley Strieber. (the abduction guy)

Your Name in Hieroglyphics Just what is says.

 Aspartame.. it's poison! Seriously! Also known as NutraSweet.

 Buried ALIVE! Poor Mrs. Blunden.

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