We got Kitty about a year and a half after I got here, and needless to say, there are a lot more pictures of her. Space is an issue. I decided to make her own page. Although leaving Merlin behind left a huge hole in my heart, Kitty has managed to wiggle her way in. No cat will ever take Merlin's place, but Kitty certainly helps.

I have turned into one of those pathetic "parents" who shows everyone a million pictures, whether they care of not, of their child. I suppose Kitty is our child.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Kitty. She's a real cutie.

Here is Kitty, staring at the floor.... having an out of body experience.

Why do they always go for the places where we want to sit?

Sleeping is what she does best.

Well, I've never seen a cat do this but she does it all the time.

Trying to type.

She looks innocent. She was chasing bugs.

Sometimes you just have to take a break during a long work day.

Posing for the web cam.

Posing for Playcat Magazine.

Nothing like lounging in the sun.

Finally got outside!
Here she is on her first day outside. So much to see!

She talks to me a lot.

Nice day to snooze on the steps.

What long grass?

Mmmmm... fresh air.

Updated June 13, 2009.