365 days a year!

Well, to me anyway. Even though it's a special day for me, I still love the fun that Halloween used to bring to me as a child. As Peter Pan said, "I won't grow up!" What? And miss out on all the fun?

On a slightly serious note, I live in the UK now and find it very strange that the people here don't celebrate this old tradition that started in this part of the world. How sad! So, to make up for the lack of fun and festivities that I am used to in the US, I decided to make a fun web page. I will try to pack lots of fun things in here so you will come back again and again.

To find out how I really celebrate Halloween these days, check out this link.

There are countless web sites with gross, bloody things on them that say they are sites for Halloween. I will try to keep those to a minimum because I personally don't think those things have anything to do with Halloween except for being scary. It doesn't have to be sickening. I remember carving pumpkins, making scarecrows and smelling bonfires from the remains of the harvest vines and stalks. I want to try to bring back some of those good memories, not the stuff that keeps you awake at night. So, here are some links that I thought might do just that.


Before you get to the links I invite you to check out THE most important website about Halloween. This is an excellent place to find out what it is and what it isn't. Since this information is so important please share this link with others.

  Go here.  

Here  is one very special reason this day is so important to me. Lots of stuff!
Ghost Stories Ok, just this one.
Pumpkin carving 101 Tons of links!
Halloween Cards Some real oldies.
Halloween Webcams I love this idea!
Great Halloween cards! 123 Cards
Halloween cards Lots of links for cards!
Old fashioned Halloween party. We're talking OLD!
Scary Stuff Sounds and fonts and stuff for your website.
Gothic Merchandise Everything you need for the Gothic look.
Halloween With Sock Monkey Looks like a bear to me. I like it. :)
Halloween Fun A new UK site, mostly costumes and decorations. Well, it's a start.

Well, that will have to do for now. Since I will have this site up all year 'round, make sure you check now and again for new stuff.
And to my fellow Pagan folk....

Updated October 4th, 2009